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Functional Playground Therapies

We are a home-based occupational therapy company established to reach the needs of individuals ages 3-21 within the child or teen’s most functional environment, their home. 

We also offer clinic based services to further address sensory and motor needs. 

"Facilitating functional growth within the natural environment"



Functional Playground Therapies (FPT) is a pediatric occupational therapy company that was established in 2021 to better serve families across the state of New Mexico. By utilizing an evidenced based approach, we address physical, cognitive, and sensory related needs through play and hands-on activities. Our goal is to help each client develop the skills they need in order to participate in age-appropriate daily tasks and routines. We will do so by helping them establish the tools they need to overcome their current limitations by developing needed skills or utilizing appropriate adaptations. Continual collaboration will be made with caregivers/family members to ensure the best results by maximizing carryover of learning.

Our Services

Pediatric occupational therapists work to help adolescents, children and teens participate in their “occupations” at the optimal level. Therapists help increase independence in these occupational areas by addressing sensory processing, fine motor coordination, visual motor skills, cognitive functioning and self-help skills. We do this by utilizing best practice guidelines as established by the American Occupational Therapy Association through the avenues of play, learning and socializing.  

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